Sunday, September 30, 2007

Black Helicopters Spotted Over Cobleskill After Fluoride Decision

The Village of Cobleskill recently voted to remove fluoride from its public water system. The move is undoubtedly seen as a major threat to the shadow government who has for the past hundred or so years depended on public water fluoridation to keep us all in a nearly-catatonic state of unquestioning slavery. The use of fluoride for mind control has been a proven success. Fluoride is a toxic substance that builds up in the brain and eventually turns us into mind-numbed robots whose only purpose is to buy big cars and watch reality TV as the illuminatis, bilderbergers and freemasons build a NAFTA super-highway to overrun our country with lead-filled toys built by chi-coms. Let the back helicopters come to Cobleskill. I'll be ready, and I have guns!

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