Sunday, September 30, 2007

Parks Should Be a Haven for Substance Abusers

Just to let readers know, I'm from NYC where people know what a "real" public park is supposed to be like.

On any given night in Central Park, one might encounter crazed teens out for a fun evening of wilding, drug addicts merrily shooting black tar heroin, homeless people resting peacefully, or psycho killers hard at work picking out their next victim. Anyone who enters a public park is sure to run a fun-filled gauntlet complete with any number of unimaginable horrors. This my friend, is what a real public park is supposed to be like.

Now I know Cobleskill is a small town, where homeless people and drug users are harder to come by, but I've walked through Veterans Park on numerous occasions without even witnessing so much as one violent rape, one urinating vagrant, or even one used syringe. You call this a park?

As if the problem's not bad enough, now the Village of Cobleskill wants to ban smoking in the park on behalf of some idiotic group of do-gooders. What do they want to do, suck every last bit of vice they can out of this place? The Village is moving in the wrong direction completely. Instead of banning smoking, I propose that the Village sends recruiters down to Central Park and rounds up a group of say 50-100 homeless people and drug addicts, and transplants them in Cobleskill's Veterans Park. I say the people of Cobleskill have been deprived for too long of having an authentic big-city park experience.

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