Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Village Officials say Nothing Can be Done to Address “Can’t-Do Attitude”

A recent Times-Journal editorial (1-9-2008) criticized the Cobleskill Village Board for its slowness in implementing the downtown improvements called for in the Hyett-Palma study. The editorial attributed the inaction to a “can’t-do attitude” on the Village Board.

In response, several Village Board members agreed with the assessment but explained after much consideration that there probably wasn’t much they could do to get rid of the “can’t-do attitude”. When asked to elaborate further, Village officials said they were unable to.

However, the Village Board later changed its tone and assured residents and the press that they were confident that they could easily engage in bickering, stonewalling and political stalemate for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

Big problem is mc'kay. Talks a good game but when it's crunch time he is no where to be found.
The only one on the board that is not a millionaire is Sellers and He's just a rich kid with wealthy parents. What a misrepresentative body politic. They haven't a clue what it is like to work for a living. We need common folks with common sense ideas in local gov't politics.. I am surprised a left wing socialist like yourself hasn't caught on to the rich vs poor folk underlining theme in Cobleskill. Love to hear your slant on this.

Sean Thomaston said...

Are you questioning my credentials as a left wing socialist?

You can't be serious. A good number of my articles address how greedy developers like the Galasso clan are trying to cannibalize the Village and mine Howe Caverns and how the snobs want to expel smokers from Veterans Park. Then there's the whole flouride issue, there's a class dimension to that as well.

Public water flouridation has helped to prevent tooth decay for decades. Only kooks and rich people with good dental insurance want to stop it.

Is the Cobleskill Board "misrepresentative"? Yes, indeed.

But at the same time I don't exactly think Cobleskill is ripe for class warfare, which of course is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Only kooks and rich people with good dental insurance want to stop it.

The kook is the water super. The guy is a borderline chimp.

Anonymous said...

Which one is "Butch"?