Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John Sweeney: The Lindsay Lohan of Upstate Politics?

As I heard the facts of the story come in on the radio (the night of drinking at a strip club and the attempt to stiff the cab driver), I thought for sure I was hearing about the latest drunken misadventures of Brittany or Paris or Lindsay Lohan. But this isn’t California, this is Upstate NY and apparently nobody is having as much wild and crazy fun around here as former Congressman John Sweeney.

Last November, Sweeney plead guilty to driving while intoxicated, blowing a .18 (more than 2x the legal limit of .08). He paid a $1000 fine and lost his drivers license for six months, hence the need for a cab ride to and from the Double Vision Strip Club in Clifton Park.

Past incidents of impropriety involving Rep. Sweeney include alleged domestic abuse, a night of drunken carousing in 2006 at a Union College fraternity house and a car accident in 2001 in which he downed a power line causing several homes to lose power including a ski resort which left a number of skiers stranded on lifts.

Now I’m not here to judge Rep. Sweeney; what he does in his own private time is his own business. If he wants to give Axl Rose, Courtney Love and Brittany Spears a run for their money as to who’s the bigger public disgrace, that’s his deal. My main concern is that this behavior will get worse and worse until someone gets Sweeney the help he’s desperately crying out for. I’m half-expecting to open up the Times-Union and see a giant naked crotch-shot of Sweeney getting out of a limo. Does he have a sex-tape floating around the web yet? Has he gone anorexic and shaved his head?

Again, it is not my intention to judge the man, but wouldn’t the roads (and Internet pornography) be a lot safer with Sweeney in a rehab program along with kindred spirits Paris, Brittany and Lindsay?


Anonymous said...

leave the guy alone. it is chicken shit to kick someone when they are down. booze and broads "the bane" of every well intentioned male.

Anonymous said...

booze and broads "the bane" of every well intentioned male.

What?? Stop making excuses for childish actions. I'm male and "booze and broads" are not my bane. I learned self control at about age 23.

Sean Thomaston said...

"it is chicken shit to kick someone when they are down"

You're right, I'd much rather see current members of congress in positions of power (Craig, Doolittle, Delay) get kicked. It is much more gratifying.

As for Sweeney, the man's been engaging in this kind of destructive behavior for a long time...but nobody should say anything?

Anonymous said...

self control at about age 23

when your by yourself it is easy to control the urge.

crazycatlady said...

"(Craig, Doolittle, Delay) get kicked. It is much more gratifying." Nothing wrong with that! Still, appreciate much the aim taken at the local tushies.