Monday, March 10, 2008

Struggling War Profiteers Cheer Cuts to Hospitals

A recent move by President Bush to cut spending on hospitals (cutting several million dollars over several years for Cobleskill Regional Hospital) has our nation’s struggling war profiteers rejoicing that they’ve finally received some sense of fairness and justice from this administration.

War profiteers who delicately manufactured the bogus pretense for going to war in Iraq were worried that money spent on healthcare and hospitals would take away from their hard-earned war profits in the form of high taxes.

Instead, President Bush has said no to greedy hospitals who want to take your tax dollars and spend it on improving the quality of the care they provide people.

For decades, executives of companies that manufacture weapons systems and that contract with the armed services, have struggled to maintain a standard of living comparable to other wealthy individuals. However, misplaced fiscal priorities in Washington have depressed their bloated salaries through excessive taxation and regulations.

Currently, only 54% of the US budget is spent on the military. But by cutting spending on health care and hospitals, that number could easily be brought up to around 56 or 57%. This might not be felt so much by the millions of people who benefit from such spending. But it would assuredly be appreciated by the handful of wealthy war profiteers who stand to benefit handsomely.

Don’t think that just because the US has spent over two trillion dollars on the war in Iraq that war profiteers aren’t hurting. Every dollar NOT spent on war is a dollar that could be used to purchase supplies at inflated prices from military contractors, or to invade Iran, or to invest in unneeded weapons systems. Fortunately, it looks like President Bush is beginning to hear the cries of this nation’s leading war profiteers and will offer relief by first trimming down the nation’s outrageously bloated spending on hospitals.

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