Saturday, February 9, 2008

When it Comes to “Discreet Adult Services”, locally grown is Better

With so much recent talk of economic development and Empire Zones, you’d think Schoharie County’s officials would be going after every local dollar being unnecessarily spent elsewhere.

But after a local man was beaten and robbed by a Schenectady man for a debt he owed to a Scotia-based escort service, it is clear that Schoharie County is missing out on a significant economic development opportunity: discrete adult services.

When I saw the story in the Times-Journal last week, I started wondering: how many Schoharie County residents are traveling to Schenectady or Albany to patronize prostitutes and escort services? The answer, I believe: too many!

What Schoharie County economic developers need to do is take out an advertisement in the adult section of Metroland telling Capital District escort services and “massage” parlors all about the benefits of doing business in Schoharie County.

They should do a survey to determine how many Schoharie County residents are currently making the 45-minute haul to the Electric City for a little discrete companionship. My guess is that the County is losing out on a lot of lucrative economic activity.

I’m not suggesting that the County seek to bring prostitutes to the area, in case that’s what you’re thinking. I’m talking about “escort services” and “massage parlors” and these are legitimate businesses, that on occasion offer unadvertised services to customers who aren’t in any way associated with law enforcement.

Think of all the gas that would be saved by not having to drive all the way out to Schenectady, and then not having pimps have to drive all the way out here to beat and rob people who don’t pay!

This could be a win-win situation. I hope Jody Zakrevsky is reading this!


A Nanna Mouse said...

Sean says, "I’m not suggesting that the County seek to bring prostitutes to the area, in case that’s what you’re thinking. I’m talking about “escort services” and “massage parlors” and these are legitimate businesses... "

Yeah, right, and I'm the Pope. We've had businesswomen before and probably still do. The principal problem was, there was too much free stuff around for them to make any money at it. Those who need to truck into the city for their entertainment are the riffraff we need to export, not import.

A swingers' B&B might work here but not the importation of service providers that you advocate with a wink.

Anonymous said...

LOL...why dontcha head over to the ED office ASAP and ask that "Too Slick" to write up a grant proposal for you too!!! Just tell him that you plan to restore one of the decrepit Victorian abodes on Main/E. Main into a center for "relaxation and stress reduction". Get free $$$, and get in on "the ground floor" also...because in a few years, the type of "discreet services" you seek on a local basis will be flourishing here, anyway. Gotta grab that gusto while ya can! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lil more bidness advice re: "Too Slick"! Taking the liberty of supposin' a pitch is 2be made...preface "center" w/any? all? of the following: "luxurious, luxury, luxe, luxe-y, top-drawer, top-flite, premium, elite, first-rate, highest-quality, ultimate, five star; "Donald Trump-esque" on the inside, "historically faithful" on the outside! RESTORE NY! Buzz Words to get over on! Heck Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and let's not forget their Buzz Words also: "Best", and "New". Actually, those are more equivalent to Code Words. (Sigh) No, I'm NOT privy...I just couer words.

Anonymous said...

You think I'm kidding, but I thought of taking over that x- auto parts store property and turning it into a bada bing type set up, its proximity to college and village offices should be a big hit.

Sean Thomaston said...

I think the village mothers and fathers adopted a zoning ordinance some years ago that would preclude that property from being used for an adult-oriented business.

Otherwise, great idea. Schoharie County is losing a lot of money to Schenectady in this regard.

I used to work at a job where I dealt with truck drivers. I can't tell you how many truckers from out of town asked me where the nearest strip club was.

A strip club in Cobleskill would be a major boon to the area.

Anonymous said...

I think the "bada bing type set up" individual should also consult with "Too Slick", who is obviously such a wiz kid at uh, resolving zoning issues.