Monday, December 24, 2007

Anti-Windmill Group Explores New Strategy in Richmondville: Get Rid of Wind!

Frustrated by the fact that their persistent criticism is falling on deaf ears at Town meetings, Richmondville’s anti-windmill activists have decided to investigate alternative ways to stop Reunion Power from erecting industrial wind turbines. Joe Bloe, a resident of Dodge Lodge Road, whose property lies adjacent to the proposed turbine site, has proposed that residents go right to the heart of the matter and stop the wind from blowing in Richmondville altogether.

Bloe said, “I’ve never been a particular fan of the wind anyway. There have been many occasions when I’ve come outside to find patio furniture strewn all over my yard”. Other residents in the Dodge Lodge Road area expressed similar complaints about wind. “I’ve always hated wind”, Will Gust explained. “Now this whole wind turbine controversy gives us a reason to do something about it once and for all”. It seems Richmondville anti-windmill activists have reached a consensus: get rid of the wind, and the wind power companies will have no choice but to go somewhere else.

The question then becomes, how does one actually prevent wind from blowing? Rob Reid of Against the Wind, a not-for-profit 501(C) organization dedicated to fighting wind power in Schoharie County say’s the solution’s pretty simple. “We’ll just erect several clusters of 250-500 gigantic high-powered fans in several locations throughout the town. Depending on which way the wind is blowing on a particular day, we’ll just flick on one cluster of fans to blow in the opposite direction of the oncoming winds. This will stop the wind dead in its tracks. No wind turbine would generate a single watt of power in this situation.”

Reid recently pledged to a group of supporters that “we will destroy our natural resources before we allow some out-of-state company to come in here and exploit them”.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Poor township and residents of Richmondville. Let's see...a couple of years back they lost their Empire Zone; the acreage, from all appearances,was summarily taken and what, given away(?) elsewhere. Too bad, because any jobs the Richmondville EZ could have produced probably would have benefited the existing local (county) populace. (don't expect the preceding observation will apply to where that acreage went, LOL, but I digress). Then, there was that nasty flooding in June 2006. And now? The Cherry Valley rejected Reunion Corporation comes to town, wanting to establish a profit-making venture without any track record in same, and also trying to weasel out of paying its fair share of taxes to the community it wishes to impose itself upon. I am not against wind farms. I just have some sympathy for the Town of Richmondville.

Anonymous said...
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