Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cobleskill: Home of the Ultimate Fighter!

Okay, so Ultimate Fighter Matt Arroyo doesn't live in Cobleskill anymore, but he hails from Cobleskill and I for one am proud of that. Plus, I think a lot of our problems would be better solved through Ultimate Fighting Championship-style events.

Village Board meetings would be vastly more entertaining if the issue of town-village consolidation was decided by a kickboxing match between Trustees Marc Galasso and Carol McGuire.

Garbage men bidding for contracts? No, I don't think so. Make them face off in the ring.

Cancel all elections right now and tell Roger Cohn and Bob Strother to begin physical training. The next supervisor of Matt Arroyo's hometown should be determined by blood, sweat and Brazilian Ju Jijitsu.

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